Bandit Lites are servicing Hilary Duff’s UK and European tour, part of a world tour that started last year, promoting her Most Wanted album. According to lighting designer B.K. Waggoner, the designers chose Bandit for the world tour because of the continuity the company provides across both the US and European continents. For Bandit Lites, Lester Cobrin handles all UK & European requirements and, in the US, Mike Golden project manages the account. Waggoner, who is also out operating the tour says, “Bandit’s gear is always in excellent condition, their crew are fantastic and the service is second to none.”

Waggoner worked with lighting designer Seth Jackson to devise a very flexible rig that could be toured extensively and be broken down into different versions for the various sections of the tour, due to the variety of venues being played on the tour. The main rig is based around three trusses: a straight truss at the rear, hung with a Main Light Industries Soft-LED™ backdrop; a mid truss comprising two offstage semi circles that form the top of two scenic columns made from Plexiglas panels; and the front truss, which is V shaped and hung horizontally, with its apex over the center of stage.

The offbeat configuration means the designers can make a modest amount of lights go a long way, it also allows light to easily access all areas of the stage. A wide selection of instruments include Vari-Lite VL3000™, Martin Professional MAC 2000s, and the smaller MAC 300s as the moving lights. ACLs, PARs, and blinders are spread across the trusses and on the floor. Bandit is also supplying an onstage Lycian 1.2K followspot, rigged in the center of the rear truss, plus four 2K Lycians out front, together with all necessary rigging and motor control. The tour is crewed by John Wynne and Martin Garnish.

The Plexiglass columns are frosted on the front and glossy on the rear, so they take the light and also reflect very well. The panels are joined together in strings, and concertina down to nearly flat before packing neatly into two flight cases. They provide architectural form and vertical definition to the stage, and work in conjunction with the upstage Soft-LED (supplied by XL Video) to enhance the overall depth.

Waggoner is using a Martin Maxxys console and Martin’s Maxedia digital media server – Bandit is one of the few UK hire companies to offer this combination. The Maxedia is used to run all the Soft-LED content. It’s the first time He likes the desk’s ‘efficiency’ and says the effects generator is brilliant.

Once the tour has finished Europe, it goes to South America. The production is led by Scotty Ross.