As the NHL All-Star teams battled it out on ice, a lighting team enhanced the recent NHL All-Star Game with a large production. High End Systems’ (HES) equipment played a role in the nationally televised broadcast from Philips Arena in Atlanta, specifically Showguns, Studio Color 575s, and a Wholehog 3 console.

HES sent its Los Angeles-based programmer/trainer Mike Hanson to assist LD David Agress and programmer Paul Turner. Agress had not yet experienced Showgun, while Turner had only recently undergone Wholehog 3 training at HES.

The Showguns were used to highlight the goals and to project logos. Says Agress, "The Showguns will be part of my big-show list from now on—really a wonderful light. They were the work horse and show horse of this year's NHL All Star Game.”

Mainlight supplied the Showguns to production supplier Entertainment Design Group of Atlanta.