Gerriets International provided seven 36-foot (11 meter) Tube roller screen systems for the recent Rite Aid manager conference in Baltimore. About 6,000 participants combined high-level presentations by executives with live and media entertainment.

The idea was to create something very big that delivered lots of energy. "The projection screens provide a dominant visual for an audience of this size, keeping them captivated the entire time and support our overall message that Rite Aid is now bigger, better and bolder," explains Jim Kirk, president and chief creative officer of Corporate Magic. The idea and vision for the event was developed by Corporate Magic, while the Audio Visual Management Group (AVMG) was responsible for the production.

"When we design a show, we can let our imaginations run wild, because AVMG's people have the attitude and ability to make our dreams a reality from the technology side," says Kirk.

The basic concept was to create a mammoth stage (260 feet wide) with 7 large roller screens over the entire length. Each moved up and down independently, revealing an array of lights and performers. All Staging Unlimited was responsible for installing and operating the seven roller screen systems. They purchased Gerriets carbon fiber Tube with Opera matte white front projection screens for the Rite Aid event and as a profitable investment for the company's rental inventory.

The Gerriets screens hung in a straight line with 24 inches of clearance between each of the screens. Each projection screen was 20 feet high by 35 feet wide giving an overall projection area of 20 feet high and 245 feet wide. All Staging Unlimited used three intermediate stops on the controllers to allow for different looks and entrances of scenery, talent, and executives. "We linked all seven of the controllers together via DMX interface and a laptop to allow single button control of all tubes," explains Mark Gentry from All Staging Unlimited.

"I had to be able to tell my client that their vision was going to become reality and do so with confidence," describes Gentry. "My client (AVMG) came to me after we got the screens installed and went through the first rehearsal and said the screens were one of his biggest concern and worries, but now they are the least." A designer's storybook for the event allowed All Staging Unlimited to preprogram all of the Tube roller screen cues. "For the two day event we ran over 100 cues without any issues," concludes Gentry.