White Light's longest hire contract ends this August, but the White Light Sales team will supply a new lighting rig to The Woman In Black.

This month, the longest-running hire contract ever for entertainment lighting supplier White Light will come to an end. White Light supplied the lighting rig for The Woman In Black at London’s Fortune Theatre in 1989; the show has been running ever since.

However, even though the hired rig will be coming back to White Light, the show is not ending. Instead, the producers and original lighting designer Kevin Sleep have decided to update the rig to give the show a fresher look. Anticipating a long life for the show, they have decided to purchase rather than hire the new lighting. So while White Light's Hire team will no longer be involved with the show, White Light's Sales team are busy working to provide an updated version of the rig, based largely around ETC's Source Four profile. The changeover will happen at the end of August.

"This also means that we'll be getting back a rig of Patt 264s, Patt 123s, Sil 30s and other gear that was standard in 1989," comments White Light's Bryan Raven. "We think we might need to recruit our chairman, John Simpson, to the Returns team for that day as he is the only one old enough to remember what they look like."