True to its name, DaVinci Fusion melded the beauty of art and science when it applied scientific principles to its design for the San Francisco Exploratorium’s 30th annual awards dinner on April 4, which honored local visionaries such as Carol Bartz of Autodesk, Natalie Angier of The New York Times, Kenneth R. Miller of Brown University, and Eugenie C. Scott Ph,D of The National Center for Science Education.

With the theme “Constructive Interference,” a physics principle regarding waves, the gala evening was graced with DaVinci Fusion’s stunning lighting design replicating the amazing natural patterns of waves on the surrounding walls and around the perimeter of the science museum’s huge exhibition and cafeteria space in the Palace of Fine Arts.

DaVinci Fusion designed the decor, lighting, and video projections for the gala for the third consecutive year, and took its design cue from the evening’s invitation which featured gorgeous images of natural wave patterns and their rainbow halation.

“Our design accented the beauty and high-tech edge of science and technology in a wonderful, historic space. Making that kind of connection is what DaVinci Fusion is known for,” says DaVinci Fusion president Solomon Rosenzweig, who served as designer and technical producer for the event.