Daktronics (Nasdaq-DAKT) released the first TK-2600 LED video truck featuring ProTour™ technology in February. The truck will hit the road for Upstage Video, a new events technology and creative services partner focused on delivering services to the event and touring markets. “It's an awesome image, and we think that event organizers are going to value the picture quality of the 10mm screen,” says Doug Murray, president and owner of Upstage Video. “The functionality that we’ve built into the truck is pretty extensive. We can service an event with live audio, camera switching and capture the entire program for web or DVD distribution.”

Featuring Daktronics ProTour 10 mm LED video display technology, the TK-2600 will have the tightest resolution of any LED video truck in the country, according to Daktronics. In addition, the on-board control room, which includes the V-Tour™ event controller and the V-Link® video processor, integrates the capability to produce live events with full video and audio capabilities or to accept a video feed from a third party.

“What sets the truck apart from others out on the road is the combination of high performance equipment on it: EAW audio, NewTek front-end equipment and Daktronics video,” says Murray. “What this means to event planners is that they get an easy and complete package for their event without having to rely on three different suppliers.”

The video display, measuring 16’ wide by 9’ high, mounts on a hydraulic mast that rises 18’ in the air from the ground and rotates 360º. With a 23.5’ minimum viewing distance, the display allows audiences at close ranges to view high-quality, clear images. In addition, the 45 ProTour panels that construct the display detach from the truck to create a building-block video display. The on-board power generator allows an operator to drive the truck to an event and run the display for up to 75 hours.

“This truck represents Daktronics vision for mobile LED video displays,” says Mike Cooper, manager of Daktronics Mobile and Modular Video Group. “The rig is built with complete functionality and is truly a fully integrated system delivered straight from Daktronics, ready for operation.”

Daktronics TK-2600 mobile systems offer the complete transportable LED video solution with trailer- and truck-mounted displays. TK-2600 mobile systems are self-sufficient units ready for operation, including hoist and generator systems, fully equipped control rooms and customization options.