Sometimes getting your wires crossed is fun, and proof of that can be found in the SKYY90 Design Collective project, Crosswired, an interactive large-scale architectural design installation that featured live audio, visual, and experimental electronic music performances alongside visual motion art. The installation was at the Los Angeles Architecture and Design (A+D) Museum from April 20 to May 13 and is poised to continue its exploration of innovative structures and spatial design converging with audio/visual art in December at Design Miami and Art Basel Miami Beach.

Curated by experimental musician Constant Flux (Doug Rimerman), and designed by Workshop LEVITAS, Crosswired offered visitors the chance to move and adjust large but lightweight tensile fabric structures wired with embedded optical sensors and suspended throughout A+D's public courtyard. During the performances — which took place over four consecutive Fridays — digital visual and musical artists collaborated to create live projections onto the installations. The sensory networks fulfilled the symbiotic relationship by translating received information into visual and musical components.

Crosswired was a completely unique experience merging elements of design, architecture, technology, visual performance, and audio performance,” says Tibbie Dunbar, director of the A+D Museum.

LA-based Constant Flux has been a local pioneer of experimental/break-beat musical composition as well as being influential in coordinating audio/visual performances alongside longtime visual artist collaborators. For Crosswired, he worked alongside audio co-curator Sarah Chambliss and motion visual artist curator Surya Buchwald to specifically focus on the translation of architectural forms into audio compositions and reinterpreting them into motion imagery.

The interspersed, streaming installation visuals were provided by i PROMISE 2 BE YOU. Projection system was by Opticus, and the sound system was by KS-Digital Audio.

SKYY90 vodka has announced a full year of programming to support and highlight the work of designers and architects across the US. The programming includes the debut of the SKYY90 Design Collective, which will develop and present exhibitions and installations by emerging design talent and the Diamond Design Series, a series of panel discussions with partners that include local chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

The upcoming SKYY90 Diamond Design Series will take place in LA and San Francisco in June and in New York in August.