America’s Independence Day means major celebrations across the US, no more so than in Boston where a huge firework display was set to a live soundtrack by the famous Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra.

With up to one million spectators gathered along the banks of the Charles River, visual relays by large screens were needed for many spectators to enjoy the full impact of the event and Lighthouse Technologies HD ready LED screens were chosen as an essential element.

Since 2003 the celebrations have been televised across the US on the CBS network, with the television coverage now dictating the overall appearance of the event. Thus the large format screens placed on both side of the orchestra stage need to be high resolution in order to look good on television screens. CBS decided to broadcast the event in high definition format in 2007, so a higher resolution HD ready screen was chosen.

For a quarter of a century, Capron Lighting & Sound has provided the technical production infrastructure to the event, with division Living Daylight Displays (LDD) providing the large screen element.

The two 17' x 10' (5.18m x 3m) Lighthouse Technologies R10i/o-II screens, each configured as five panels wide by four panels high, were connected with the HD section of the SLH Screen Optimizer and the DVI-D input of a Lighthouse Technologies LIP-KX.

“The show went well and everyone involved was pleased with the result,” says David Messcher of LDD. “The Lighthouse Technologies new indoor/outdoor 10mm panels performed well, as expected in the rain.”

Pam Picard, coproducer of the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, adds, "The screens had enormous clarity and looked wonderful, both during the day and at night. The high-definition images came alive and provided a super look for the onsite as well as at-home audience. The color display and overall images looked amazing."

“Living Daylight Display is a long term customer of Lighthouse Technologies,” concludes Joe Lapchick, eastern US region sales manager of Lighthouse Technologies. “It was especially important to us that we found a solution that worked for them. We’re all very pleased that, with our efforts, we were able to come up with such a great solution.”