Lifting and rigging sales specialists Lift-Turn-Move (LTM) will celebrate their first birthday at PLASA 2005 with a special First Birthday cake at their booth at 10.30am on Sunday, September 11. Based in Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula, LTM grew out of its first warehouse within six months, and in 12 months of trading has added three new members to the initial five-person team. The company is trading worldwide.

Lift Turn Move will have several products on show at PLASA 2005:

The EQUIPCHAINE is an electromechanical chain-lifting device that has been specifically designed for theatrical applications. EQUIPCHAINE is fully integrated within its own truss structure to fit into existing spaces, allowing service and backstage areas to be freed from large lifting machinery.

Each device consists of several modular elements connected together, and the forces transmitted to the supporting structure are all vertical. Several chain drop positions are linked by the same drive mechanism that can be used to lift lighting bars, stage sets, and curtains of various lengths. The length of each EQUIPCHAINE corresponds almost exactly to the fly bars that it lifts. The assembly of several EQUIPCHAINE units allows lighting grids to be lifted into position once the luminaires are rigged at stage level.

It has been installed in more than 130 theatres and multi-purpose spaces throughout Europe. Existing applications range from single to 40-device projects.

IBEX Programmable Controllers
IBEX’s Programmable Hoist Controller offers fully computerized control combined with the simplicity and versatility of a traditional manual hoist controller. The Programmable Hoist Controller Plus provides even more power and versatility, with an enhanced control panel and integrated Ethernet port, for demanding applications. Up to 10 controllers may be linked together, providing control of up to 240 hoists. The Controller can connect to a PC for full screen status display and remote control functions.

CM Lodestars® and Prostars®
In addition to the new products above, LTM will highlight the extensive range of lifting and rigging equipment available, including Lodestar® and Prostar® electric chain hoists.

High integrity hoisting systems are also available from LTM, including equipment to BGV C1 German safety standards. Special features include double brakes, load sensing, and multiple limit switches. Variable speed units and manual or computerized controllers are available to monitor safety features and drive the equipment.

The new compact CM Prostar hoist will also be on show, with increased capacities and speeds. This higher speed version will climb at 6m/min or 10m/min (increased from the industry-standard 4m/min). The 250Kg SWL at 4m/minute version is also shown.

Lodestar’s 50th Anniversary
Lift-Turn-Move is also celebrating the 50th Birthday of the Lodestar Motor, launched in 1955. Visit the LTM website /a>( for details of a special competition to find the UK’s oldest Lodestar.