LMG, Inc. recently used the world’s first multi-format high definition truck-in-a-box, designated the HD-1, during a pharmaceutical company product launch at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

HD-1 was custom designed and built around the Snell & Wilcox Kahuna switcher by engineers at LMG, which enables technicians to intermix high-definition and standard-definition sources within the same switching system.

"For the Atlanta show, we successfully integrated formats ranging from live satellite feeds to high-definition video playback while sending high-definition camera feeds to a 20-by-66 montage widescreen, all while simultaneously recording images in standard definition," explains Les Goldberg, CEO of LMG. "This allowed us to deliver the highest quality signal regardless of format."

Throughout the industry, two different switchers are used to up- or down-convert sources to achieve a consistent appearance, which alters aspect ratios and can sacrifice quality. LMG expects HD-1 to become the industry standard for switching systems due to its flexibility in the show environment.