XL Touring Video was the video contactor for the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday August 27th, 2006, in Hollywood, CA.

Ken Ehrlich of Ken Ehrlich Productions brought his production team to XL in early August to work with XL’s Bob Magee, Chris Mitchell, Dave Hyslop, and Matt Pearson to ascertain what LED technology would be used to create a new look for this year’s broadcast.

Production designers John Shaffner and Joe Stewart looked at all of XL’s current technologies with show Producers, Renato “Ron” Basile and Michael Seligman before deciding on three Barco I6 LED Screens for the award intro graphics and two Barco MiPix Screens that presented the supporting graphics.

John Shaffner says, “The scenic metaphor for television was pixilation. The concept of pixilation was illustrated by the MiPix which gave us 5”on center format. It takes many pixels to make a big picture just as the television landscape is made of hundreds of programs, but at the Emmys, we have a chance to see what programs comes forward as the best. Not only did the MiPix provide a striking scenic element, but they also served the subtext.”

XL’s crew consisted of project manager Dave Hyslop and LED techs Abe Tilahun, John Byrd, Prince Tilahun, Camilo Martinez, Travis Roundtree, JR Prosser, and Robert Menendez.

John Wiseman, CEO of XL Touring Video, observes, “Ken Ehrlich’s vision strikes again. From the moment we showed all the technology to Mr. Ehrlich and his team he had the picture in his head of how he wanted to move the Emmys ahead in look and technology, once again. The Academy has long been on the leading edge and we were proud to be a part of this years event.”