Directly after a very successful show at the Greek Theatre in LA with System of a Down, I flew to France to join Incubus for their 2004 world tour. There was a lighting rig already designed and assembled by my longtime tech and programmer, Anthony (Geddy) Kordyjaka, as I joined the tour after the Asian-Pacific leg. The design for the US tour was completed, and while in Europe, we filled in the final technical details.

I decided to use various lengths of tech truss to ensure a quick and simple setup. It all fit into the design easily. The band had purchased some hydraulic lifts for a previous tour to lift set pieces, and I thought it would be great to incorporate them into the show. The carpenters stripped the existing hanging hardware and replaced it with a pipe so we could hang some instruments on them. The lifts are revealed in different configurations throughout the performance. After trying several methods, I decided to operate them from the console. Now, it's a simple D to A and some relays.

I programmed for four days in Nashville and actually fit the entire rig into the Bandit Lites warehouse. I had more done going into rehearsals than I have ever had in my career. I decided to use the Martin Maxxyz console after some training at Martin in Florida and after using it in Europe. I am also using Martin 2000 profiles, MAC 600s, MAC 500s, MAC 250s, Atomic 3000 strobes, and the incredibly bright and fun QFX 150 fiber sources. I love the speed of the twinkle wheel and use them every chance I get. I am using High End Systems Cyberlights as followspots. There are three Cybers with the turbo upgrade on the midstage and two regular Cybers on the downstage. It's wonderful to have all the quick color changes in the console and not have to call them, and the output is perfect since the downstage truss is located a short 10' off the downstage edge. I also have two Jem ZR 24/7 hazers and two Jem ZR33 smoke machines.

The one big challenge for me has been the size of the band's set list. They're not as new of a band as some people think, and their catalogue is quite extensive, even when you discount the impromptu jams and cover songs they will throw in without warning.

When I tour, I like to program cue to cue so the transitions are seamless. At this point, I have over 50 songs programmed, and I always find myself programming on the visualizer a new song or a song they haven't played live up to this point, right before doors open or after doors close. They never play two shows in a row with the same songs or in the same order. Sooner or later, I should be able to run the show beginning to end without going to my “flash and trash” page. The programming never seems to stop, though. I take notes every night, right up to the second-to-last show of a tour.

As far as the overall feel of the show, I tried to stay away from over-saturated colors, unlike what I have done with them in the past. To me, their newer music sounds more organic and airy. There is a lot of flowing movement and gobos spinning at, what I think, are the appropriate speeds. I have a set of steel gobos from Apollo Design Technology in both the MAC 2000s and MAC 250s. I have also been trying to walk that fine line of subtle, but obvious, changes in the looks during transitions.

I also have the pleasure of having Bandit Lites as the equipment provider once again. They always come through for me and really go the extra mile. They have some of the most knowledgeable people I have ever worked with and can easily solve any technical problems that arise. That always makes the job easier.

Joe Paradise is a lighting designer whose credits include designing tours for Hootie and the Blowfish, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Insane Clown Posse. He can be reached at

INCUBUS Equipment List
20 Martin Mac 2000 Profiles c/w Custom gobos
40 Martin Mac 600
8 Martin Mac 500 c/w Standard Lens and Optional gobos
14 Martin Mac 250 c/w Custom gobos
11 Martin Atomics Strobes
8 Martin QFX150 c/w Custom Colors
2 Martin ZR24/7 Hazers
2 Martin ZR33 Foggers
3 High End Systems CyberlightsTurbo
2 High End Systems Cyberlights
4 20' × 30' Fiber Optic Panels (80' total length by 30' high)
2 Martin Maxxyz Consoles
27 Duff Norton Hoists
1 7'7" Empty PRT
1 90° corner block (PRT)
6 Vertical Hinge Plates (PRT)
14 7'7" Tech Truss
6 5' Tech Truss
1 A-Type to PRT Adapter Plate
2 10' A-Type Truss
1 A-Type Hinge Plate
8 10' Mini Beam
2 10' A-Type Circle Trusses

Lighting Designer
Joe Paradise

Anthony “Geddy” Kordyjaka

Crew Chief
Jeff Archibeque