Compulite’s Vector console controlled Video Games Live, at the Hollywood Bowl this summer.

Video Games Live is a concert event featuring music from the greatest video games performed by top orchestras and choirs across the country, integrated with laser and light sequences, video clips, live characters, and special segments dedicated to retro arcade classics and future arcade/home video game classics. The synergy between these rich show components turns Video Games Live into an unforgettable audio and visual experience. Lighting Designer Bryan Hartley (Aerosmith, Kiss, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Lenny Kravitz, and Alicia Keys) along with Lighting Director and programmer Dan Cassar (assisted by programmer Danny Beardmore), designed customized lighting effects for each segment, recreating the distinctive atmospheres of each featured game.

The Compulite Vector, supplied by Q1 Production Technologies, was Hartley’s and Cassar’s console of choice, based on their successful experience in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tour last year. Hartley and Cassar have selected the Vector again for this year’s TSO tour. Cassar commented that the Vector’s Effects Generator and Matrix programmer were the perfect solution for LED programming, achieving amazing results within minutes.

The lighting rig included 30 Vari-lite VL3000, 22 Martin Mac2000 wash, 18 Martin Atomic 3000 strobes and 204 Thomas PAR64. A single Vector Red was used for control, with a Vector Blue as backup.

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