NYC-based RF Pro recently supplied Trantec’s award-winning S6000 radio mike system to NY-based theatre sound rental specialists Sound Associates for use on the new Broadway Beach Boys’ musical, Good Vibrations.

Sound designer Tom Morse specified the system as the lead wireless system for the Beach Boy musical, which is directed and choreographed by John Carrafa.

"The S6000 performed superbly on the show. Its exceptional bandwith and frequency agility was invaluable in an extremely RF hostile environment, which is a constant problem for Broadway shows," says Tom Benson of RF Pro.

The feature-packed system provides an innovative alternative across a number of sound production levels. It has a miniature transmitter, its 2 U rack-mounted receiver boasts unparalleled frequency agility. It allows up to eight receiver cards to be slotted in, which augments flexible operation. Its internally mounted PC–running Windows XP, gathers system performance data from the receiver cards and allows a network of up to 40 receiver cards to be monitored from a single screen. These can be positioned backstage and FOH for maximum control.

Good Vibrations is currently playing at Broadway’s Eugene O’Neill Theater.