“Daft Punk is playing in my house, in my house...” No it’s not, but the French electronic music duo did play venues all over the world in ’06 and ’07 in support of the Grammy-winning Alive (Best Electronic/Dance Album). Now, maybe this tour wasn’t breaking any records, winning any awards, playing to tens of thousands in stadiums mega-tour fashion, but visually, you can’t fight the slick style of Martin Phillips’ set and lighting design. The sci-fi feel of it all—from the video-mapped techno-pyramid on which the two musicians performed to the retro wireframe and old-school video game-style graphics, to the more photorealistic video content—this tour clearly pleased crowds. Reviewing Daft Punk’s appearance at a festival in Hyde Park using this stage setup, The Times noted, “For their imperious grand finale, Daft Punk perched atop a shimmering sci-fi pyramid of pulsing lights in their shiny robot helmets, like camp Darth Vaders piloting their very own disco Death Star.” Wicked cool.

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Daft Punk Alive Tour Plots

Martin Philips’ various plots for lighting and rigging around the DJ pyramid for Daft Punk’s Alive tour of 2006-07.