Scharff Weisberg Inc. recently provided video presentation services for the Gillette North America Business Meeting at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando, where Gillette’s Fusion razor was launched. A Medialon show control system and two High End Systems Catalyst™ moving mirror projection systems were used to create a unique, immersive experience for the audience of 500 sales people.

The concept of creating a 180º cyclorama around the audience was brought to Scharff Weisberg by a team consisting of executive producer Liz Ekwall of Jack Morton Boston and technical director Fred Hancock from Up Front Production services. “Gillette asked for something that smacked of technology that people hadn’t seen,” says Ekwall. “We proposed showing the product on the ceiling and surrounding the audience with imagery. With Scharff Weisberg’s help, we did just that.”

Imagery was projected on a single screen centered in front of the audience, as well as on scrim stretched over the ceiling and wrapped onto walls adjacent to the screen. The imagery appeared to move from the center screen up the wall to the display surface on the ceiling and back down to the center screen, prompting the audience to visually engage with the moving imagery to catch all the elements of the show. Additionally, logos and other supporting visuals flew around the room augmenting the information on the two main screens. Scharff Weisberg provided a Medialon show control system to control synchronized modules for conventional projection systems feeding the center screen and ceiling. The company also supplied two Catalyst moving mirror projection systems for the scrim-wrapped walls. Video was created so Medialon could switch between projectors to create the illusion of images crawling up the center screen and onto the ceiling and back again.

“The client was thrilled and the audience was very surprised by the innovative projections,” notes Ekwall. “It was a nice ‘wow’ moment.”