Rose Brand, the exclusive distributor of Triple E Track in North America, recently collaborated with Hudson Scenic to supply a Triple E chain track system for the Broadway production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, opening April 28 at the Hilton Theatre with previews starting March 27. The chain track is being used for a moving diorama that appears behind the amazing flying car to enhance the effect of the car as it flies through the air.

The system consists of a rectangular layout 65’ x 13’ created by the single chain section extrusion. The layout was provided with three corners utilizing 2"-radius sprockets that also served as chain tensioners. The fourth corner was used for the 3 Kilowatt drive motor. All the chain sprockets have two ball raced bearings and are of a type proven on the Triple E test track.

Chain track is an aluminium extrusion into which a machined UHMW guide is inserted. The guide carries the upper portion of a 3/8" duplex roller chain that is also the driven section, the lower part of the chain is used to attach the diorama with special formed wire hooks that are spaced approximately every 3". The UHMW and the aluminium extruded profile are designed by, and exclusively extruded for, Triple E Ltd.

Chain track has been used for many applications since its launch in 1999 and it won the 2000 LDI Rigging and Hardware Award. The ability to store and stack curtains in tight spaces while allowing the curtain to remain flat allows designers, architects and acousticians to use fabric where previously conventional track systems prevented their use. Acoustic curtains can emerge from a gap in the wall as narrow as 6", turn 90º around a 2" radius, and then deploy around the auditorium walls.

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang musical is based on the 1968 film starring Dick Van Dyke and comes to Broadway from a successful run in London’s West End, where it has been playing for nearly three years.

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