Radiance Lightworks, Inc. recently completed the lighting design for the Special Effects Stages attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Shifting audience members through three individual staged shows, this attraction demonstrates first-hand, an in-depth and exciting look at how special effects are created for movies.

The Special Effects Stages attraction (previously named Cinemagic) was in need of a lighting design face-lift. Therefore, Universal contracted Radiance Lightworks to re-design the lighting for all three stages within the attraction.

"Sometimes, the best way to renovate and upgrade an existing venue’s lighting plot, is to start from scratch, and that’s exactly what we did with S.E.S," says principal lighting designer, Clayton Alexander. Radiance has designed the lighting for many of Universal’s attractions, such as Van Helsing, Fortress Dracula, The Grinch Attraction, the Chicken Run Maze, and many more.