As the lights came up on Lookingglass Theatre’s production of 1984,George Orwell’s classic novel, Gepco cables shared the spotlight with the talented group of artists who call Chicago’s Water Tower Water Works home. Directed and adapted by Andrew White, with lighting design by Chris Binder, this stage version of 1984 features an abundance of screens and monitors within the scenery to simulate to audience members that they are constantly under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

The production got special consideration from Gepco, distributor and manufacturer of audio/video cables, who donated a variety of cables to the production. Without the generous donation, Big Brother might not be watching so closely.

“We are grateful for Gepco’s support of our production of 1984,” stated Lee Potter-Murray, director of production for the Lookingglass Theatre Company. “Gepco’s cables are an integral part of the set and to the success of the show. Our ability to convey to the audience the sense of being watched is wholly dependant upon the successful transmission of images through Gepco’s cables and onto the numerous screens and monitors.” The monitors in question are by Neo Tech and Wells Gardner. Equally important to the design of the show is the work of Matt Hoffman and Scott Silberstein at HMS medial.

Lookingglass Theatre’s production of 1984 runs through November 28.