Splitz is a total sensory experience featuring a Martin package of special effects lighting, Jem smoke, and Mach sound that creates a state-of-the-art high-tech bowling center.

Designed to be a trendsetting center for next generation bowling, Splitz is more than just a bowling alley. The facility also houses a large game area, full bar and large kitchen, Skills center and ProShop, as well as facilities for corporate events and private parties. The large venue has a 32’ ceiling height with 40,000 sq. ft. of space spread across two levels. There are even plans to double the facility’s 29 lanes. It is operated by Schumacker & Co., a commercial recreation/entertainment service company that runs bowling centers across the country.

Lightning Strikes
On Friday and Saturday nights Splitz runs a high-effect light show called "Lightning Strikes," programmed by Peter Moore. Visitors are treated to a multi-colored, multi-effect intelligent light show. The light show is followed by lighting looks that run constantly from 9:00pm-2:00am.

The focal point of the lighting install is two moving triangle trusses– each with projection scrim–located above the 29 lanes. On each triangle are three MAC 550 and six MAC 250 Krypton profile spots, six MX-10 scanners, six Atomic Colors strobes, three Wizard effect lights, and three FiberSource CMY fiber optic illuminators attached with SNL1 (Super Nite Light) pinspots that throw light 70’. The triangles are also internally lit with Par 46s. Martin Magnum Pro 2000s located on a center lane island provide the atmospheric fog and mid air projection canopy. LED gutter lights and four large video screens complete the look.

Over the bowling seating area hang three stick trusses each with six MX-4 scanners, two Wizards, two Atomic Colors strobes, and a FiberSource CMY. Again, the trusses are internally lit with Par 46s. Fifteen Martin Architectural Alien 02 Pendants bathe the area in color.

Full Rack: Architectural
Thirty-six Martin Architectural Alien 02 Spots positioned on the walls around the lanes add a splash of color and depth to the entire space. Mania PR1 logo and graphics luminaires project the Splitz logo onto adjacent walls.

At the entrance reception area, a Mania DC2 flame effect surrounds the Splitz logo, while Alien 02 Spots color the game/lobby area. Two PC-based Martin LightJockey control systems handle the show and architectural lighting.

Schumacker & Co., a Martin dealer, supplied the lights under the Premiere name. Lighting design at Splitz was a collaborative effort between Jim Fuller from Martin US; Kelly Wilbar, director of project management for Schumacker & Co.; and Jeff Canter, formerly of Schumacker; with input from architect Steve Scheirman.

Split Sound: Mach Audio
Splitz is the first venue in the US to benefit from the sound quality of the new Mach Installation Series CN12 near field speaker. Twenty-three of the CN12 speakers cover the 29 lanes, to provide sound for both the bowling and seating areas. They are used for everything from PA to video sound to DJ and light show music. The CN12 combines hi-fi properties with high SPL in a compact design and its soft dome tweeter results in a clear, warm sound.

The Mach C-Range’s install-friendly features made for easy installation across the 29 lanes, with 18 flying points–four are fully adjustable–and a customized u-bracket included as standard with every speaker.

An audio challenge was to create an even sound distribution throughout the space, including the lobby area. A Martin Architectural ViroSound flat panel speaker system using ViroPendants was chosen as a solution. ViroSound is a unique way of generating atmospheric audio while maintaining aesthetic appeal, as its speaker panel is just 4cm thick.

Eight ViroSound clusters of three panels each, called ViroPendants, seamlessly integrate into the interior design in the lobby, game and food areas. The ViroPendants are time aligned to the main bowling area speakers creating an even sound throughout the venue with no echo effect.

Complementing the ViroPendant sound system are Mach M151i subs, one sub for each ViroPendant. M151i subs also support the CN12s in the main room. Due to the architectural design of the building, the subs are flown instead of floor positioned. The M151i fly points allow the speaker to be flown from the ceiling and, in the main room, positioned directly behind the bowlers. All sound at Splitz is processed through the Mach M20.06 controller working with PowerSoft amplifiers.

36 x Alien 02 Spot
15 x Alien 02 Pendant
18 x Atomic Colors
12 x MAC 250 Krypton
6 x MAC 550
12 x Wizard
18 x MX-4
6 x MX-10
9 x FiberSource CMY
3 x Mania PR1
2 x Mania DC2
6 x Martin Magnum Pro 2000
6 x AF1 Fan
2 x LightJockey (half show, half arch)
23 x Mach CN12
13 x Mach M151 subs
8 x ViroPendants
2 x Mach 20.06
5 x Powersoft 4004
2 x Powersoft 5001