As Martin architectural distributor Lux Lumen of Belgium has found, Martin’s Wireless DMX devices provide an easy way to connect remote fixtures to a DMX system, since no cables and expensive downtime are required. The Martin Wireless DMX-512 has a range of up to 200 meters (Pro Diversity up to 300m) and can be set up via a PC and PC-based controllers such as the Martin LightJockey. Both versions operate through radio signal, via a powerful WLAN card, transmitted between the mother box and receivers.

Beffroi de Thuin, Charleroi
In the town of Charleroi, Lux Lumen has used Martin Exterior 600 washlights to add color to the castle’s belfry, the Beffroi de Thuin. The tower is illuminated using two Exterior 600s working with a Martin Wireless DMX-512 Pro Diversity transmitter with two receivers. The signal is transmitted over the castle’s ditch and about 100m further.

"The distance involved was quite extensive. Experience showed that the transmitter should be a Martin Pro Diversity system to have the best results," comments Lux Lumen’s installer for this project, company WAVE. "The signal strength was just enough and the system works flawlessly."

Without using the Wireless DMX-512 Pro, it would have cost five times as much for the client to get DMX lines where they needed them.

Piens Music Planet
At Piens Music Planet, Belgium’s largest music store, customers are welcomed by a Martin Architectural light and sound concept using Martin Exterior 200 washlights and Martin ViroSphere panels.

Amazingly, the project was programmed from a car with wireless DMX transmitted over the site via a Martin Wireless DMX-512 device. The abilities of Martin’s wireless DMX impressed Lux Lumen: "The system even worked from a closed car, driving around! A warm, comfortable car makes programming of any outdoor installation less of a burden."

Interieur 04
At this year’s Interieur 04 design exhibition in Kortrijk, Lux Lumen used a Martin Wireless DMX-512 system over three identical dynamic, temporarily stretched ceilings. According to Lux Lumen’s Duncan Verstraeten, it was impossible to connect the three sites with DMX cables so they turned to a Martin wireless system, which reportedly proved to be very stable.