i-Vision has supplied Norwegian lighting design and installation company Oslo Lysdesign with a mixture of their Lumos LED products for several hotel projects, including the conference rooms at the newly refurbished Royal Christiana Hotel in Oslo.

Lighting design consultant Oslo Lysdesign’s Gier Ove Langlo was asked to design and specify a new scheme for the conference spaces by hotel group Choice Hotels, of which the Christiana is a new flagship venue.

The main conference space is a large area with sliding room dividers that break it down into three smaller spaces as required. Langlo wanted a reliable, low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing solution to introduce dynamic ambient lighting into the environment. Langlo’s solution: i-Vision’s Lumos LED fixtures and strips.

“I chose Lumos for many reasons” says Langlo. “It provided an ideal and very flexible method for changing the lighting settings and levels throughout, plus the usual energy saving and long lamp life attributes of LED”.

Lumos in-ground Spots illuminate the paths of the dividing walls from below. Around the sides of the room, he chose to light from the top down, using 58 i-Vision Lumos 3 fittings as downlights. In the foyer outside, he ensconced 26 Lumos 1200mm LED strip fixtures into the roof soffits, to create a complementary “walk-in” state for those arriving for events.

Beneath the stairs in the foyer are a series of six Lumos 3 in-ground simple color change units. The design is completed with ceiling-mounted cold white Lumos 3s that light the white frosted doors to the conference suite entrance. The same units are also in an adjacent room used for refreshments– effectively replacing all other white light with the Lumos units.

The lighting for the conference rooms is zoned into three sections, controlled via a Sunlight interface offering eight pre-set programs for each of the three areas.

All the Lumos products at the Hotel Christiana feature I-Vision’s new optimized LED Driver–Lumos Drive 216. The compact, lightweight, multi-functional driver makes installation quicker and is easier to program than the previous drivers.

Langlo is also doing plenty of work elsewhere in Norway with Lumos fixtures. He’s just finished the lighting design for a new club, Mood, which also makes good use of Lumos fittings. The Britannia Hotel in Trondheim features Lumos 3 products with 60º lenses, used for washing walls and floors. In Sunne, Sweden, 43 Lumos 3s are installed in the ceiling, illuminating the reception, plus seven Lumos Flood 36s and 16 1200mm strips for the stairs.