Big Show Construction Management handled project management and construction for an innovative temporary attraction on Broadway when it helped Marriott create the mSpot, its new state of the art luxury room for curious onlookers in Times Square.

Working with Imagicorps of Redmond, WA, Big Show had a 15’x30’ room built at a prefabricated-house factory in Pennsylvania transported to Dimensional Communications in New Jersey where it was outfitted with Marriott’s new furniture, carpeting, wallpaper and the state-of-the-art electronics which enable guests to do things like plug their cameras and laptops into a desk-mounted control panel and view the sources on the room’s 32” flat-panel TV.

Big Show’s logistics expertise was put to the test when it brought the demo hotel room to Times Square where it was set up in front of the Marriott Hotel on Broadway.

“The challenge was bringing an oversize trailer into New York City and setting up the room overnight right outside the hotel,” says Big Show president Rod Hickey. “We built a base about three feet high for the room in the setback in front of the hotel so there was no intrusion onto the sidewalk. But it took some tricky maneuvering to get a 50-ton crane to set the room atop the base under the setback’s overhang.”

Onsite, Big Show capped the electronic hotel room with a stage, which had been preassembled in New Jersey. The room, with glass doors on all sides, attracted attention for the next four days by hosting a radio DJ, bachelor party, and wedding. The stage drew crowds with mini-concerts nightly at 10:30 featuring musical artists Marc Broussard, Antigone Rising, Collective Soul, and Ciara.

In addition to its project management and construction duties, Big Show also obtained permits for the hotel room and for all the concert performances.

Matt Jackson served as project manager for the attraction.