When record-breaking British sailor Ellen MacArthur returned after a 71-day sail to set the world record for the fastest single-handed round-the-world sail, a Barco Ltd DLite7 LED screen captured the event. Supplied by ShowViz, MacArthur gave her homecoming speech in Falmouth, UK, against the backdrop of the LED screen and was broadcast around the world.

The occasion required everyone working on the event to be available from 5:30am to past midnight throughout the last few days leading up to MacArthur’s arrival. Along with the Barco, ShowViz Ltd, and MacArthur’s crew, many supporters arrived to welcome her home. A flotilla of about 80 craft ranging from ships to dinghies to canoes awaiting her historic arrival was filmed and linked back live to the Barco Dlite7 screen.

The giant 22sqm Barco DLite7 screen was positioned outside the National Maritime Museum at Port Pendennis in Falmouth. The ShowViz team worked closely with The Event TV Company, who provided continuous feed to the screen and broadcast a two-and-a-half-hour live webcast to the world prior to Ellen’s first steps on land in 71 days.

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