Every bit of support helped as Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox made history, "reversing the curse" with an improbable comeback against the New York Yankees and their subsequent World Series sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Which is why, just prior to World Series Game 1, Martin dealer High Output, Inc. of Boston was called on by Home Energy Services Company Keyspan at 10am on Friday, October 22nd and asked to provide an illumination solution for that very night. Keyspan wanted to illuminate a large gas storage tank with the Boston Red Sox logo and the encouraging “Keep the Faith” graphic.

High Output had glass template gobos made in three hours by Apollo Design Technology. The gobos were flown to Boston that same day, fit into four Martin MAC 2000 Profile units and set up that night by 10:45pm. The next day the Red Sox won Game 1 of the World Series on their way to the four game sweep.

Designer and project manager for High Output was Gordon Mason with Victor Loukas as Rental Manager.