Stage Technologies successfully completed the final phase of a project to refurbish the flying system at the Hong Kong Cultural Center last June, only 13 months after the contract was awarded.

The installed automation solution, in the venue's Grand Theatre, makes the Hong Kong Cultural Center equipped to provide flying effects that stand alongside prestigious and technically advanced performing arts centers worldwide. The work included the design and installation of a counterweight assist flying system, able to switch between powered and manual flying.

Although the system uses Stage Technologies' standard Maxis ID control architecture, the specification called for the ability to switch between automatic and manual flying of the bar without losing the winch position relative to the bar and for a load monitoring system that enabled the operator to accurately and continuously monitor the out-of-balance load both on the bar and the cradle. To complete these requirements, the Stage Technologies crew, led by project manager Jim Roberts, worked around the clock while the theatre remained in full operation. Mark Taylor, technical director for the Leisure & Cultural Services Department that operates all government performing arts venues comments: "The commitment of Stage Technologies to involve themselves wholeheartedly in designing a system to meet our very particular operation needs and their flexibility during installation was impressive enough, but the quality of the equipment and installation work is incredible."

Originally, opened in 1989, the center attracts an array of world-class performances from concerts and operas to experimental theatre and musicals, and the refurbishment represents an ongoing commitment to developing performing arts in Hong Kong. The project was carried out on behalf of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department in collaboration with their consultants, Theatre Projects Consultants.