Scharff Weisberg,the exclusive North American rental partner for G-LEC ClassicFrame™, decided to make an impact with the primetime premiere of the 2004 NFL season.For the opening ceremonies in Foxboro, MA, the company installed a G-LEC ClassicFrame system onstage where its giant images accompanied country music sensation Toby Keith.

During the NFL opening ceremonies, Keith performed in front of what at first appeared to be grid wall through which the stadium could be seen. Suddenly, as the stadium grew dark, the wall became the center of colorful, moving imagery integrating gridiron footage and graphics designed to generate excitement for the game.

TV production company White Cherry Entertainment produced the kickoff show for ABC. “The setup was easy and the system worked well with this unique application,” comments White Cherry’s Ricky Kirshner about the G-LEC ClassicFrame.

“Is the G-LEC a video device, a lighting device, or a set piece?” asks Scharff Weisberg partner, Peter Scharff. “The answer is that it is all three. That’s why Scharff Weisberg, a company with expertise in audio, video, lighting and postproduction, is uniquely qualified to handle it.”

The G-LEC ClassicFrame is a modular display that can be used to create dynamic visuals of enormous size, and is uniquely transparent and light weight. Unlike a video wall, the ClassicFrame's ultrabright pixels are 2" apart, allowing not only visual transparency, but also audio and wind transparency. It consists of two or more aluminum frames, each with 30 acrylic tubes featuring 16 ultrabright RGB LED pixels. The frames can be mounted together in any configuration. Systems can be designed to be very large, well over 1,000 sq. ft., and can also be configured to be split and moved apart, even while performing their graphics display. It displays still and animated content stored on a graphics server triggered by any suitable DMX controller, as well as live or recorded video.