For the 55th Sanremo Song Festival filmed at the Ariston Theatre in San Remo, Italy, RAI set designer Gaetano Castelli–now on his eleventh Sanremo design–emphasized innovation, working to create "a set that is high-tech, ultramodern, and above all flexible, which blends with the show to become itself a part of the show, with a constantly changing interaction of images and lights."

Perhaps the original "American Idol", Sanremo Song Festival follows 20 competitors as they compete to get voted the best song and musical performance. Since this contest is one of the biggest musical events in Italy and features some of Italy’s most famous singers, the winning songs go on to radio and pop success. This year, 13,606,000 million viewers tuned into the event, which Italian television station RAI broadcast live the first week of March.

The orchestra pit in front of the stage has a floor paved with dazzling micro-LEDs, and there is a staircase of sixteen steps consisting of LED wall screens. The LEDs "meant we were able to emphasize the central role of the artist on the stage, and at the same time to extend the theatre around the stage with a three-tiered structure housing audience and guests, which reproduces the line of the boxes," explains Castelli.

Coemar supplied the LEDs for the show. Strips of LEDs regulated by Coemar RegoLed created an infinite series of colors. The Coemar LEDs provided lighting that is flat, flexible, cool, and energy saving, giving depth and substance in television shots.

The Coemar RegoLed’s LED technology also emphasized and highlighted the edges of the stage and illuminated the outline of the staircase and the supporting scenery with an infinite variety of colors.

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