Michael Comstock, owner, producer, and chief engineer of Indre Recording Studios, was at his wits end with the personal monitor mixers his studio was using.

The system had limitations on how far the cables could extend from the main box, and it provided only four channels. The distance from the tracking room to the control room stretched the cables to their max, causing the boxes to fall off the stands and break. Comstock switched to Aviom's Personal Monitor Mixing System, which offers more channels and flexibility.

"All musicians are different and want separate mixes for everyone in their band," says Comstock. "The learning curve for using the Aviom gear is about five to ten minutes, and the band is up and running. The first week we got the gear, I took it over to the Wachovia Center and used it to record the backstage performance of Stephen Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. We have also used it with Tears for Fears, Heart, Los Lobos, Jill Scott, Yellowcard, The Darkness and so many others. Everyone has been thrilled."

"With my background in live sound, we do a good amount of radio and television broadcast recording, which is the mainstay of our business," comments Comstock, who worked as a tour manager and sound engineer for bands Veruca Salt and Paw. "Our main tracking room is definitely the biggest space for this type of live sound event here in Philadelphia. We are able to accommodate about 200 people in addition to the stage area. The Aviom system is a great piece of equipment: it distributes audio to individual band members and performers on stage, giving each their own personal mix and eliminating latency issues with the house speakers."

Located in an old root beer bottling plant, the studio boasts a 4,200sq.ft. main tracking room with a tall, vaulted ceiling and an antique chandelier that hangs from the center. Upstairs, adjacent to the tracking room, is a 600sq.ft. control room. The studio is equipped with Aviom’s Personal Monitor Mixing System, an AN-16/i, an AN-16/o, an SSL 4048, a ProTools HD System, a RADAR 24 recorder and many pieces of vintage outboard gear.