Chipmunk is the latest addition to Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media server range. Driven by the same software engine that powers the entire range, Chipmunk delivers two layers of 1,080p HD with ease, plus full-on layer geometry, effects and color control, and keystone correction. Timeline functionality is as per Chipmunk’s siblings along with RegionMapper, Preset Manager, ScreenWarp, and additional components. "With a beautiful and intuitive timeline, it allows for cross-fading and transitioning on one layer, setting up presets and playback sequences, and can be ‘blinged’ up at any later time with extra software modules to add high-end functionality. This unit is going to be a game-changer for productions that want all the power of the high-end server market but need to spend way less, and not hire a think tank of geniuses to make it work," quips a judge. "Now off- and off-off-projects can go with an incredibly powerful platform."