Nemetschek North America has released VectorWorks Spotlight 12, with new features and product improvements.

Spotlight 12 features the new 3D human figure, which allows drawings to be populated with more realistic human figures to use as scale references to round out drawings. The new integrated light source means that light objects no longer have to be manually placed with a lighting instrument. Spotlight now offers support for ESP VisionT. This allows users to export their models for real-time simulation and designers to previsualize the show, because ESP Vision works with any lighting console. There is an improved instrument editing interface, which includes the ability to assign label legends, pick gobos, and turn lights on. Finally, RenderWorks offers VectorWorks Spotlight 12 users the option to show colored light beams in 3D with volumetric lighting.

"It's hard to improve VectorWorks Spotlight time and again, but the folks at Nemetschek have come up with a series of features that really make my everyday workflow even faster and easier," says veteran VectorWorks user, Frank Brault, founder, "With its added support for ESP, VectorWorks Spotlight brings moving light visualization capabilities to the industry standard light plot application."

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