Australia's most iconic venue, Sydney Opera House, has chosen a W-DMX system for use with special events.

"We didn't purchase the W-DMX System for the usual shows, as we can use our inbuilt Ethernet data distribution system for our standard theatre rigs," explains Phil Dunesky, Sydney Opera House's technical operations manager for the stage lighting department. "Rather, we purchased it to use on our more unusual events, such as foyer-based productions, and for the occasional set pieces that may be run on a revolve, for example, where running cable would be difficult to use." He continues, "Quite often we have to light functions here at the Opera House and you may want a couple of moving lights in the middle of a room where you've got power but no data. Fortunately, we can now supply the data through the W-DMX wireless link. It's also much safer as we don't have cables running across public areas. Our lighting crew is really enjoying not having to run temporary DMX cable around the venue, especially in a concrete and steel building with limited access behind many areas! "

Wireless DMX was provided by Australian-based LSC Lighting Systems.