Dataton Watchoutâ„¢ provides visual excitement and introduces visitors to the world of Nintendo in New York City. The lobby of Nintendo World at Rockefeller Center, which opened in May 2005, features a two-story cascade of animated content to welcome customers.

Nine rear projection screens arranged as three triangles stacked vertically create a swirl of animated content that climbs up through the ceiling, enticing visitors to the upper level. Dataton Watchout created and programmed a fast-paced sequence that plays on four big plasma screens in the front windows of the gaming center. Media streams to 12 locations throughout the 6,000sq.ft. showroom, each as a Watchout module and together synchronized by Crestron.

WATCHOUT Systems: Show Sage
WATCHOUT Programming: Douglas Mesney
Crestron programming: Kin Hule
Integrator: McCann Systems

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Photos by Douglas Mesney