Texas Scenic Company (TSC) has recently completed the installation of new theatrical equipment at Guyer High School, Denton, TX, and Saginaw High School, Fort Worth, TX. The theatre consultant on both schools was Rene Garza with Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon and Williams, Inc., of San Antonio, TX. Stage lighting, dimming and control, along with motorized rigging, curtains and audio systems, were all part of TSC’s package.

The two schools are the first projects in the US to feature the new "Illusionist" rigging control console, manufactured by Stage Technologies in London and distributed by TSC in the US. The "Illusionist" is a lower cost version of Stage Technologies "Nomad" control system and contains many of the features required by venues with variable speed motorized rigging. Guyer High School has 29 fixed and variable speed rigging sets, while Saginaw High School features 27 sets of the same type. The variable speed sets run at up to125’ per minute, while the fixed speed set operate at 20’ per minute.

The "Illusionist" console interfaces with TSC’s motorized rigging and provides multiple positioning of motorized sets via a closed loop control system. Motors can be run individually or in groups on multiple playbacks, with an override to modify speed while a cue is running. TSC also provides a manual back-up system for all motors. The dimming provided by TSC at both schools is ETC Sensor® racks with Emphasis control consoles. TSC also provided both schools with lighting fixtures, primarily ETC Source Four® fixtures.