The recent Home Depot "Drive 2 Zero" Safety Meeting event, staged at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, GA, featured Robe Show Lighting moving lights.

The event featured several speakers, each giving their own PowerPoint presentations about Home Depot. LD and programmer John Westermann, who specified Robe Show lights, used Robe fixtures to set the Home Depot style during these presentations. Twelve Robe fixtures were used to produce the main effects and color washing lighting: eight Robe 1200E AT Spots flown downstage and mid-stage; and four Robe 1200AT E Washes, two flown mid-stage, with two mounted upstage on the ground upstage.

Other fixtures on the rig included 12 ETC Source Four® ellipsoidals flown downstage, 10 Source Four Fresnels flown up and downstage, eight Lekos complete with Wybron Forerunner scrollers downstage, and four DK 2000 strobes arranged around the set on the ground

"The Robe 1200 AT Es are extremely quiet and bright," says Westermann. "Some of our clients do not want to hear the lights–whether it’s the motors or the fans, so this is really important. The optics and zoom in the Robe 1200 Spots are exceptional compared to anything else on the market"

Westermann also finds the Robe 1200 Spots’ 16-bit gobo and prism indexing "very useful," and the Art-Net, IR, 3- and 5-pin XLR connectors make it simple to connect the unit to any console or tester. "The 80º zoom on the 1200 washes lets me use fewer lights and achieve better results" he says.

He uses the variable frosts on the ColorSpot 1200E AT to transform a hard edge tool into a complete washlight. "You can have a gobo in the optical path through the variable frost, and not have to see the gobos change with out dimming the units. This is very effective especially in a corporate application where even slight movement can disrupt a speaker on the stage."

A High End Systems Hog® PC with two playback wings, one program wing, and two DMX Widgets controlled the Robes.

Lighting supplier for the event Dillon Production Services, Inc., an Atlanta-based rental house run by Westermann and Matt Dillon, has been designing light shows for The Home Depot and Coca Cola for more than ten years.