In the heart of Manhattan, in a renowned landmark from the late 1880s, Gilt Restaurant and Bar boldly mimics the gilded walls and cathedral ceilings of the Gilded Age and comes complete with an innovative design illuminated by Color Kinetics’ LED lighting solutions.

James Long of Studio James Long was tasked to illuminate an innovative structure in the popular bar area: a faceted fabric wall that is also referred to as “The Oyster.” To enhance the structure and other areas in the dining area, Long chose Color Kinetics’ iColor Cove® MX Powercore, a high-intensity but compact linear fixture, to produce captivating colorful effects.

To project deep rich colors onto the unique oyster structure, Long designed custom light boxes of wood, sized 12” x 4” (30.5 cm x 10.2 cm), and clad in satin metal. The box’s interiors were painted black and topped with aπ inch (6 mm) sandblasted clear glass cover. Approximately 25 fixtures were installed, in a continuous light box, and positioned to project light up the faceted wall.

Additional Color Kinetics fixtures are found in the 55-seat dining area, blending the décor of the past with 21st century lighting technology to create inviting ambiance. Light boxes were constructed and placed behind the dining banquets, approximately 22” (56 cm) above the finished floor. Black egg crate louvers were used in place of the sandblasted glass to more precisely control the beam of light. A total of 120 iColor Cove MX Powercore units were placed inside the boxes surrounding the dining area.

Long chose iColor Cove MX Powercore for the project in part due to the inherent benefits of LED systems, which includes the ability to produce colored light without filters or gels, their compact size, and low power draw. The iColor Cove MX Powercore units also tout the advantages of Powercore® technology, simplifying installation by integrating power and data management directly within the fixture, thereby eliminating the need for external low-voltage power supplies.

The result is a feeling of stepping back in to the past, but with the benefits LED illumination from the future.

Designer: Patrick Jouin
Project Team: Marie Deroudihe, Sanjit Manku
Lighting Designer: James Long, Studio James Long
Custom Light Box Designer: Martin Mueller, Mueller Custom Cabinetry