Another reason the Cobb Center has been embraced by the community in such a big way is the 10,000-square-foot ballroom that has been used extensively over the past year for weddings, community events, pre-performance dinners, corporate events, and patron galas. Strand Lighting systems control both the theatrical and architectural lighting in the auditorium and the ballroom. “This project was the second installation for our large Light Palette VL consoles,” notes Peter Rogers, VP for marketing at Strand, a Philips group brand.

Audio gear was specified and provided by BAI in Dallas, with Meyer Sound loudspeakers including line arrays, M1 delays, the Galileo system for DSP and a Peavy Neon system for DSP in the back of house. The mixing console is a Yamaha PMD5. BAI also installed a digital LED system for opera super-titles. “There was no video projection system installed,” explains John Miller, principal for audio systems at BAI. “But the infrastructure is there for rear-projection, should they want to add it at a later date.”

Theatre Type: Performing Arts Center
Theatre Form: Proscenium
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Completion: 2007
Total Cost: $106 Million
Seat Count: 2,750
Project Type: New Construction

Architect: Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates
Theatre Consultants: Theatre Projects Consultants
Architectural Lighting Design: Ted Ferreira, CD+M Lighting Design
Acoustician: Kirkegaard Associates

• 2,750-seat multipurpose theatre (John A. Williams Theatre)
• Ballroom
• Outdoor amphitheatre (future phase)

• Atlanta Opera
• Atlanta Ballet
• Broadway touring productions
• Local and regional groups

Selected Lighting Equipment
Theatrical Lighting in Williams Theatre
Strand Lightpalette Control Console Package
9 Strand dimmer racks
418 Strand C21 2.4kW dual dimmer modules
16 Strand C21 6.0kW single dimmer module
2 Strand Wireless handheld kits with base stations
1 Strand Designers Remote Software on USB Key Drive
4 Strand SN100 ShowNet Lighting Nodes

Architectural Lighting
Lobby Chandeliers and Wall Sconces: Leucos/Andromeda
Lobby Chandelier Hoists: Lighting & Lowering Systems by North Star
Lobby Curtain Qall Accent Lighting: 3G
Lobby Venetian Plaster Wall Accent: IO Lighting
Lobby RED Reveals: GE Tetra Series LED
Architectural Dimming and Control: Strand
Theatrical Fixtures: ETC
Downlights: Zumtobel, Lightolier, Lucifer
Onyx Wall Backlighting: TIR Systems
House Downlighting: LSI
House Wall Sconces: Winona
House Ambulatory Sconces: Oxygen Lighting
House VIP Suite Sconces: Sistemalux
House LED Ceiling Lighting: Traxon
House Step Lighting: Delta, BK
House Accent Ceiling Lighting: Belfer (custom)
House Feature Walls: BK
Exterior Lighting: Louis Poulsen, Winona, Schreder, Bega
Ballroom Lighting/Coves: Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions/Color Kinetics Custom Chandelier: Alger
Ballroom Pre-function: Winona

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