The Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE helped launch the new Sony PlayStation Portable at the Madison Avenue Sony building in New York City.

Boston-based High Output, designers for the event, were happy to have the 575W Alpha Spot HPE in their inventory, which they purchased at the beginning of 2005. "It was a pretty 'over-the-top' event all round," says Peter Smith, theatre and events project manager for High Output. "But it was great to have a light on a show like this that was as dependable as the Alpha Spot HPE. It's a nice, bright fixture for its wattage–the optics are really good. I was, and am, very happy with them."

For the launch of the Play Station Portable (PSP), High Output had to transform the lobby of the Sony building, which features an oversized Spiderman used in the Thanksgiving Day Macy's parade. To complicate matters, the lobby is a public space until 11:00p.m. "The whole event was a challenge because the space is really not designed for shows," comments Smith.

Luckily for Smith and his team, the lobby of the Sony building features a number of steel girders overhead to facilitate the rigging of truss and the accompanying lighting rig. "We really did not having enough time or space to do everything that one might want for a show like this," says Smith. "But that is always something that you have to deal with. We flew a lot of truss overhead, which helped transform the room, and we had a number of stands around the room to help give interesting angles for the fixtures." The event itself featured a DJ stage as well as food and (soft) drinks for the all-ages attendees. At midnight, everyone was invited to get in line to purchase their own PSP.

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