With service attendance and membership both steadily on the rise, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC, has expanded its existing facility with the addition of a new worship center that now serves as the church’s primary sanctuary.

ClarkPowell, a design-build AV integrator, provided the audio/video systems design and installation for the new 750-seat, fan-shaped room. After evaluating the client’s need for a loudspeaker system that could handle everything from the church’s praise team and choir to theatrical events to touring Contemporary Christian artists, the firm suggested that an L-Acoustics dV-DOSC system be installed.

As specified, a total of 16 dV-DOSC loudspeakers plus four dV-SUBs have been flown above the front left and right sides of the stage. Furthermore, two ceiling-mounted MTD112b coaxial loudspeakers fire down on the rear area of the stage for choir fill, while four additional MTD112b enclosures are found on the stage for monitoring. "We initially selected the dV-DOSC because its compact size fit the room well; we could get the right curve out of the arrays without compromising sight lines," says ClarkPowell systems designer Chris Dunegan. "However, after installing the system, I am absolutely thrilled with its sound and control. The coverage – both horizontal and vertical – is extremely precise. You can take one step up a ladder at the back of the room or the stage steps at the front and hear the coverage begin to fall off. And everyone is amazed at how even the level is from front to back and side to side. The coverage is exactly as the Soundvision acoustic modeling software predicted and every seat is a good one."