Metropolis AV’s new Met 3 LED lighting products have been installed at London’s prestigious new club, Fifty London, which has recently undergone a complete refurbishment.

The building, designed by architect Benjamin Wyatt, first opened as a casino in 1827 and was the most talked about gambling hall in the world at the time. In its latest incarnation, it is rated as one of the best private members clubs in London.

The interior redesign by Jeffrey Beers has injected new vitality into the historic building. The style is sophisticated 1980s retro. Fifty offers its members a spectacular gaming room, private gambling facilities, five floors of upscale bars and restaurants, and the Fifty Below club lounge.

Touch Media performed the sound and lighting installation, for which Touch’s Iain McLachlan specified 24 Met3 RGB downlighting fixtures for the low ceiling of Fifty Below’s catwalk. These are recessed into the ceiling and provide subtle color-changing effects.

McLachlan believes the fixtures are "the brightest currently available on the market." They are also reliable and easy to fit, he adds.

A large mirror etched with a rose design adorns the main entrance hall’s grand staircase. To create a subtle and memorable lighting effect behind this, McLachlan fixed two Met3 73mm pitch 600mm color-changing linear strips to the back of the mirror. He intended to use six strips, but the fixtures proved so bright that it wasn’t necessary. The light reflects off the wall behind the mirror and the side light gently highlights the contours of the rose. McLachlan believes the Met3 strip is one of the most robust LED strip products on the market.

The Met3 fixtures were programmed and stored on a Pulsar Replay unit. A Crestron system acts as master controller for the lighting throughout the venue.

Fifty London is a London Clubs Management Ltd property located at 50 St. James Street.