Check out the Ultra Music Festival main stage CAD drawings. The staging structure and roof structure was built by long time Ultra Music Festival vendors Mountain Productions and the scenic and set elements were built by Tait.

Mountain Productions was responsible for engineering and constructing the staging and designing the infrastructure required to support the 200' wide and 105' tall stage structure. Paul Serkosky from the Mountain engineering department headed the design/engineering of the massive structure. Mountain Productions' onsite team was headed by Ron “Wilky” Wilkinson and Jake Smolenak.

“The work completed on Ultra Music Festival was pretty phenomenal," says Justin McDaniel, project manager for Tait. "The stage was close to 200’ wide and over 100’ high. To clad the structure, we provided over 160 2 meter by 2 meter aluminum pyramids, each with a lighting unit and, depending on style, either 32 or 36 pixel tablets. Around 50,000 pixels total are included in the set, providing a massive expanse for the video content designers. TAIT also provided track truss with 40’ high tracking legs with a combination of pyramids and LED screens. The matrix lifts provide a dynamic pallet for video content, stage motion, and choreography. We also provided four robots each with a video screen attached, which give the audience a truly unique experience.”

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