Wybron, Inc. has announced that it has committed 82 CXI IT color scrollers both four and seven-and-a-half inch fixtures with LCD screens, nine RDM compatible power supplies, and five InfoTrace Control and Management Systems to the fourth annual New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF).

“We are very pleased to help sponsor one of the premier sources for new musical theatre material and talent,” says Larry Turner. “Our goal is to offer the world’s stages lighting products that help lighting designers and engineers both fulfill their artistic vision and flawlessly run every show.”

Herrick Goldman, lighting designer for three of the NYMF shows says, “I have worked with Wybron’s CXI color changers for more than a decade and have always been impressed with the company’s products. The CXI line has improved greatly over the years. Working with these RDM-controlled lighting devices allows the venue technicians to easily maintain the fixtures, as well as troubleshoot and address the rig remotely. The new IT color changers are just as quiet and easy to manage as the older units. I believe the CXI IT will work especially well on larger more permanent theatrical installations. Working with this new fixture is like having a swatch book in my hand and a full range of color in my rig. When necessary I can conduct live color moves, shifting beautifully and conveniently between colors.”