Norwegian-based AVAB, Cac, recently supplied Trantec’s internationally award-winning S6000 and S6001/2 radio mike systems to the musical adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s Per Gynt, which was staged in Norway’s oldest theatre, Den Nationale Scene (DNS).

Sound designer Bjarte Vage specified the Trantec systems. "We chose the Trantec S6000 system for several reasons. The most important being its flexibility and its wide frequency range. This made the system easy to incorporate with our existing wireless setup, enabling us to expand its potential. Another reason is the minute size of its transmitter, it made all the difference to the cast. Additionally, superb sound quality, coupled with its innovative remote control software made this system our first choice," explains Vage.

With 21 cast members, the production was challenging on all levels of design. Vage used nine channels of the S6000 system, which was designed specifically for use in live sound and broadcast applications. The mikes feature wide band frequency agility (operating between 798-865Mhz) and sonic clarity.

"We’re delighted to have embraced Trantec’s S6000. It’s a powerful and contemporary tool that complements our range of high-specification products, which are pre-requisite for successful live theatre performances," says AVAB’s Arthur Botnevik, who collaborated with Vage to ensure that all aspects of the system integrated seemlessly.

The production was directed by Robert Wilson. The show was co-produced by two of Norway’s largest theatres, Det Norske Teatret and DNS.