Six Flags recently approached Tomcat USA to provide a fixed grid system to be permanently installed at their Music Mill Amphitheatre in Six Flags over Texas. The project was completed just in time for the busy summer season and is now installed in its new home: just in front of the stage in the amphitheatre. This extra equipment will be utilized in the Coobrila show by Cirque Dreams, Inc. which runs June 16 through August 19 as part of the Late Nights Six Flags series.

Although the entire system is made of medium duty and heavy duty trusses (approximately 65’ deep and 100’ wide at its widest point) the equipment is not the typical standard product. To achieve the desired look, no guide cables were used to secure the system. In light of this design consideration, Tomcat came up with a solution utilizing eight 34’ medium duty spigoted towers with diagonals on all four faces of the truss.

The main vertical spans complete the modified grid and are comprised of heavy-duty spigoted truss. These spans had their own unique design requirements since there is acrobatic equipment in addition to lighting and sound installed on these trusses. Like the towers, all of these main truss spans include diagonals on all four faces to resist the stress of potential lateral loads.