The production team of the Off Broadway musical Walmartopia in New York chose the new Strand Lighting Light Palette VL console for the production.

Programmer Jon Dunkle says, "This console offers everything I have been looking for in a theatre desk. It offers the ease, speed, and familiarity of command-line data entry and the convenience of touch screen selections. The powerful fixture library and abstract control model allow me to adjust all parameters of intelligent devices as easily as bringing up a dimmer. All possible attribute selections are conveniently displayed in an understandable vocabulary--I never had to think about a numeric DMX value when manipulating a fixture. Also worth mentioning is the easy to use effects engine. Intuitive and useful effects are built in, and are easy to access, apply, and manipulate for any given fixture or parameter."

Bobby Harrell, lighting control specialist for Strand Lighting, supported the production. “The show used a number of new features of our new Version 10 software for the show, including touch screen control of channels and accessing moving light palettes, prebuilt color libraries for the gel manufacturers, linear control for live movement, redesigned effects engine, multiple cue lists, part cues, and much more.” Light Palette V10 software will be available for all users in late October.

The rig comprised approximately 200 conventional units plus 18 Vari-Lite VL2500 Spots, 6 High End Studio Spot 575 CYM Zooms, 6 City Theatrical Auto Yokes, 100 Wybron CXIs, and a rack full of flex-neon.