So it is 2011. We have all done our geeky binary Facebook posts, and now it is time to get serious about the year. The Mayan calendar ends on December 12, 2012, at which point aliens from the planet Zoltar will invade and eat our brains and leave the planet a barren nesting ground for a super race of alien drones, so we really need to get serious and set some goals. A new year brings a chance to set a goal of what you want to accomplish for the year, and with that in mind, it is a time to reflect on some goals that should be on the list for any mixer.

It is time to pick up some books. There have been some great books written about our profession, and it is a good idea to take some books for a spin and pick up some knowledge from some very experienced folks. One book that is on my list for this year is John Leonard’s Theatre Sound. I have a lot of respect for Leonard. I have heard him talk several times and always walk away having learned something. It is time I finally read this book.

The next book on the list is Bob McCarthy’s Sound Systems: Design and Optimization, which actually won a Live Design Sound Product of the Year Award in 2008, even though it’s not a traditional “product.” I thoroughly enjoyed Meyer Sound Design Reference Handbook, which, if you haven’t read, I highly recommend. McCarthy is just one of the smartest sound people I have ever heard speak. His work is brilliant, and his explanations are impressively clear.

Next it is time to take some classes. I don’t think it is possible to stop learning, and there are some great classes out there for sound people. First is Smaart training. Who doesn’t need to learn more about EQ’ing and optimizing a sound system? Rational Acoustics travels the world giving classes. Find out when they are close and sign up. Or you could go with Sim training if you want to learn Meyer’s method. I would love to go to Sim training. The next session, being taught by Bob McCarthy, is in March in California. If only I weren’t in tech in March. Another class that I would to take is Sennheiser Sound Academy. I can never learn enough about wireless mics.

So that’s what’s on my list. Now I have to figure out how and when to do it…right after I finish Halo: Reach.