Producer/designer Peter Young has selected Rancho Dominguez, CA-based Sew What? Inc. to design original set draperies for Greek-Cypriot pop diva Anna Vissi’s newest tour. Sew What, Inc., creates dramatic theatrical drapes and fabrics used in major rock concerts, top fashion shows, and other artistic venues.

Young, a.k.a. Takis Kouvatseas, whose own eclectic performances as a rock drummer have engaged audiences of up to 250,000 at venues ranging from Madison Square Garden and Air Canada Center to the Sydney Entertainment Center and Royal Albert Hall, required the creation of a new 60’ set that would be as unique as Vissi’s vocal sound.

“Peter didn’t want anything off-the-shelf or out of a catalog,” explains Sew What? president Megan Duckett. “He had contacted a number of staging and drape companies who simply said, ‘Give us your plans and tell us what to make.’ But Peter wanted someone who could partner with him creatively and arrive at an entirely new vision. That was all we needed to hear.”

The concept called for a set to span 60’ with artist entrances concealed throughout the design. The general feeling was for heavy fabric, asymmetrical in style, with movement that would sweep across the stage and entice the eye constantly. Contrasting with the richness of the fabric were elements of distressed and aged velour that turned conventional material into artistic expression.

Sew What? in-house designer Shane Nelson was assigned to assist in develop the staging. Since Young was in Greece during this process, Nelson and Duckett collaborated with him extensively about his ideas via phone and email. Discussions were backed up by renderings, photos, and videos sent by email.

“It was a real team effort, even though Peter was overseas the entire time,” says Duckett. “We were able to get inside his head, understand his vision, and in the end produce a finished piece of art that is as dynamic and engaging as Peter is himself.”

This is not the first time that Sew What? has dealt with an international customer. Duckett says the process requires careful communication and meticulous management of shipping, customs, currency exchange, and numerous other crucial details that can impede a project if not handled with the utmost care.

Performer Anna Vissi, who is currently on tour in Athens, Greece, has sold 9.5 million albums worldwide. In 2005, she claimed the number one position on the Billboard Dance Charts with her hit single, “Call Me”. Vissi is considered by her fans to be a true diva of the Greek musical stage, setting many of the latest music and fashion trends.