QSC Audio Products Inc. has extended a licensing agreement with Cirrus Logic that will allow them to begin producing products employing Cirrus Logic’s gigabit Ethernet-based CobraNet® technology. CobraNet technology is the leading professional and commercial audio industry standard for delivering uncompressed digital audio via Ethernet networks.

"CobraNet technology has long been our protocol of choice for the transmission of digital audio,” says John Andrews, chief operating officer, QSC. “CobraNet serves a vital role within our QSControl.net platform to help fulfill digital audio transport needs in applications ranging from arenas and theaters to broadcast facilities. Now, with gigabit Ethernet-based CobraNet available as a resource, we're well-poised to create a new generation of products offering even more in terms of performance and capabilities."

“QSC’s continued commitment to CobraNet technology underscores CobraNet’s leadership in this new era of products where higher channel count, lower latency and networked digital audio demand gigabit Ethernet networks as the standard platform,” comments Steve Bassett, Cirrus Logic’s CobraNet marketing manager. “CobraNet technology is the leading industry standard today for networked audio, and we are committed to extending our leadership with solutions that include cost-effective integrated circuits, reference designs, tools and training.”

Cirrus Logic’s gigabit-Ethernet networked digital audio products, expected to be introduced this year, will provide high-channel count media transport solutions for professional markets while enabling secure multiroom distribution of media content in consumer markets. Unlike dedicated networks that leverage Ethernet technology, CobraNet operates over standard Ethernet equipment and coexists with audio equipment control protocols and other network traffic.

The new products will be designed to provide high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency and secure audio and video transport. Such technologies will dramatically improve distribution and management of digital content for use in such applications as live music production and worship sound.