New Jersey-based Neutrik, designer and manufacturer of the “XX” series XLR cable connector, recently showed its support for increasing opportunities for women in the audio engineering industry by donating an assortment of its connectors to the Women’s Audio Mission (WAM). An international, nonprofit, women-run organization based in San Francisco, CA, WAM is dedicated to the advancement of female audio engineers.

In a field where women comprise less than 5% of its professionals, WAM seeks to create an environment that will encourage and enable the aspirations of women in the recording arts, and, in turn, expand the vision and voice of media and popular culture. Through its workshops, WAM introduces, supports, and expands on a traditional recording arts course of study. This helps advance women in the field by providing training and hands-on experience that is either hard to find or typically denied to women.

“Anyone can just plug in a microphone, press a button, and get sound to come out,” states WAM Workshop Coordinator Stephanie George. “WAM is teaching females as young as 12 exactly why and how these things work. We strongly encourage them to take different classes and try alternative methods in efforts to spark their interest in audio engineering. Although our workshops are tailored to audio engineering in particular, we stress the importance of math and science so that they will have the essential tools for working in any technology field.”

In an effort to support WAM in its mission, Neutrik provided 50 of its NC3FX, NC3MX and NP3C connectors, as well as 25 of its NP2C connectors, for the organization to use in its workshops, including “Make Your Own Cables” and “Basic Audio Electronics /Testing & Wiring.”

“These workshops are vital in order to keep women interested and involved in a field where they are currently a substantial minority,” notes Jim Cowan, President of Neutrik. “Neutrik is happy to assist WAM in any way it can.”