Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s dark and iconic opera Die Soldaten steeped in post-World War II despair opened the Lincoln Center Festival this year. Park Avenue Armory, a castle-like red brick shell on Park Avenue and 67th Street is one of the few indoor spaces in New York City capable of housing this production. Rose Brand Rentals was able to supply the production with thousands of running feet of Black Encore Velour drapery in sizes up to 40-feet high to mask and create the necessary production space. Packing the drapes by area of use, Rose Brand enabled technicians building the set to easily identify and install the drapery in the correct areas.

Lincoln Center Festival production manager Paul King has worked with Rose Brand on various productions for over 25 years. King states, “ I was thrilled when Rose Brand started their Rental Department. It gave me so many quality options for the Festival and the variety of programs we present.”

Also on the production was Sapsis Rigging, who provided rigging consultation, design, and equipment. The rigging equipment, which included over 150 chain hoists and approximately 3,000 feet of truss, was part of an overall load in that took two weeks to complete.

Mike Sapsis, who shared onsite supervisor duties with son Paul Sapsis, notes, “Working in this venue is always interesting. The 55,000-square-foot space is great to work in, but, because it was built in 1877, hanging even a normal show in here can be a challenge. Die Soldaten was anything but normal. This production, with the moving risers and everything else going on, presented it's own set of demands. Thanks to a great team and excellent communication with the Lincoln Center festival design and production teams, we put this project together quickly and safely.”